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Are you too WIDE?

Until pretty recently I thought it was a good idea to be wide.

Like REALLY wide.

Lots of girth.

Wide enough the whole world could see you, not just your nosy neighbors.

What in the world am I talking about?

I’m talking about reach.

The common thought is the the wider the audience the better.


What good does it do you to have a wide audience when you only really impact a small percentage? The MUCH better play is to focus on that small percentage and go DEEP.

I did a podcast the other day with my good friend Dr. Ed Osburn. He’s a bad ass in the world of health and reaching small audiences with great impact.

Check out the podcast I did with him here >>>

It’s getting rave reviews from his audience. Listen to the first minute and you’ll get why.

In that podcast and in this blog post I talked about filtering people.

So here’s a live example:

If this word ——> Fuck
This word ——-> Off
This word ——-> You
This word ——-> Weak-kneed
This word ——-> Pansy
This word ——-> Ass
This word ——-> Self-important
This word ——-> Overly-sensitive
Or this combo–> Motherfucker

offends you then you are NOT my audience so take a hike.

I just filtered you and you will no longer want to be a part of my “tribe”.

If on the other hand, you think grade-school humor is funny and like my candidness, then maybe you will want to be a part of the tribe.

You just got filtered.

Once you are filtered then I can TRULY speak to you.

A small tribe that you can resonate with can move mountains.

Like this one >>>

If that video doesn’t get you fired up then nothing will.

Go narrow and then go DEEP with your audience and you can change lives.

Otherwise your message just gets watered down because you are trying to reach too many of the wrong people.

Go narrow and deep.

Talk soon,
Matt “Filter Master” Trainer

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One guy completely new to the Internet used this method and cranked out $70k in just a few weeks!

I’m gonna teach the entire method live.

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How To Be Assassinated

Being assassinated takes a very special skill set.

But it’s not hard to do.

At least I don’t think so. I’ve not been assassinated before so I don’t know for sure. But I think I’ve tapped into the formula.

It’s a pretty simple formula too.

And you’ll be in good company if you pull it off.

I mean, really.

Check out the “Assassinated Hall of Fame” roster:
Martin Luther King
John F. Kennedy

Pretty good company right?

So here’s how you do it.

I think JFK did it best.

In 1963 JFK was on a mission to abolish the Federal Reserve system.

He was able to get a 5 dollar bill issued that was NOT backed by the Federal Reserve system of paper bullshit money. But instead it was backed by something that had real value, gold.

Here’s a picture of one of those bills I keep on my desk.

Notice at the top it says “United States Note” instead of “Federal Reserve Note.”

Notice the red ink. It’s very clearly something radically different.

The powers that be who run the world were REALLY against what JFK was trying to do.

He was trying to change the paradigm of world enslavement to fiat currency.

Instead he wanted to help free the world and have money based on real value.

Look at this list again:
Martin Luther King
John F. Kennedy

They all have one thing in common.

They all attempted to free the world of their enslavement.

So there’s the formula:
Freedom x Following = Assassination

Just set out to free people of their enslavement and if you get enough traction or following, you will most definitely be assassinated.

So now I have a new goal in life, to join that list.

Sounds a bit nutty right?

Maybe if you are weak and scared. I’m neither of those.

I’m on a MISSION to FREE PEOPLE from their enslavement of poverty.

– Poverty mindsets
– Poverty relationships
– Poverty health
– Poverty marriages
– Poverty spirit
– Poverty bank account


So now all I need is a big enough following.

And I’m not stopping my shouting from the rooftops until I create 1000 millionaires.

Here’s a good place to start if you want to become one of those 1000.

Once you sign up to start that journey you’ll need someone to hold you accountable.

I’m here for you.

My team has been quietly building a BAD ASS 90-day accountability program.

We call it the WUKAR 90.

Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat for 90 days.

In that we hold your feet to the fire as you level up your life in every way over the next 90 days.

We will be selling that program very soon for $1000 or more.

If you buy the Rich Jerk product through my link and send me your receipt, you’ll get access to that program for free.

Help me help you become one of the 1000 millionaires.

Join us now.

Talk soon,
Matt “Assassinated Hall of Fame” Trainer

P.S. Wow I actually made it through an entire email without saying fuck.

Shit. I just did it. FUCK!

I need therapy or ice cream or something.

Love you all.

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Meet my friend Ruth, I killed her…

Ruth was a royal bitch. I couldn’t stand her.

She hated everything I did.
She complained about everything.
She constantly told me I was worthless.
She called me a fraud and a fake.
She called me the most disgusting names ever.
She made me feel like shit constantly.

So she had to go. Yep I’m admitting publicly that I killed her.

I murdered her in cold blood. Then I burned down her fucking house.

Just in case she pulled some “Jason from Friday the 13th” crap, I cursed her soul.

Fuck that bitch!

Now she’s gone.

And now I’m Ruthless.

Ruthless about results.

I’m Ruthless about my health.
I’m Ruthless about my marriage.
I’m Ruthless about my spirit.
I’m Ruthless about my business.
I’m Ruthless about having it all.
I’m Ruthless about being the BEST version of myself I can possibly be.

Ruth was that bullshit voice in my head constantly tearing me down. That voice that droned on and on about how I’m not worthy of love or success. The voice constantly telling me I’d be better off dead.


You are worthy.
You have value.
You were born to do great things.
You aren’t like ANYONE else.
You have unique skills and abilities.
You have massive value to deliver to the world.

Yet you have Ruth on your back.


Unless you TRULY believe you were meant to be “average” and just pay bills then die…



Go get what you want. It’s all up to you.

There is no white knight coming to save you.

You are all it takes.

You have everything you need already inside you.


Talk soon,
Matt “Murderer” Trainer

P.S. The reason I love this so much is that RJ is RUTHLESS.

He comes across as a dick and an asshole but he’s trying to shake you to wake you up.

He’s trying to help you. But your Ruth won’t let it happen.

Watch this Ruthless video >>>>

Then email me your receipt after you decide to stop being a panzy and buy the damn thing.

Everyone that buys through my link will get group coaching for 12 weeks to get some damn accountability in your life. It’s worth $1000 price tag but worth a LOT more than that to your life.

Kill your Ruth and take some action.

You are worth it.

Go get it.


The Magic F*ck Filter

I hate this email/blog post already.

Why? Because it’s weak and lame…ALREADY.

And it hasn’t even started.

Here’s why I hate it. This stupid symbol right here  *

The fucking asterisk I was “forced” to use in the subject line.

It’s lame because we now live in a culture that’s insanely weak-kneed. Pussified is the term I coined.

So much so we seem to be forced to cater to “them” lest we be branded:
– Unprofessional
– Uncouth
– Moral rejects
– Bad people
– Satan worshippers
– And as one guy said to me, “uninteresting

Wow, now that REALLY hurt my feelings. To be labeled uninteresting is a blow I don’t think I can ever recover from.

NOT! 🙂

Fuck that guy and fuck YOU if stupid letters in a certain order offends you.

As my buddy Ryan Stewman says, if you can’t handle simple words then you’ll never be able to handle being an entrepreneur.

And that’s so true.

I now call it The Magic Fuck Filter.

It magically filters out people that are too weak for business of any kind or at least people I REALLY don’t want to interact with.

So let me help you if you are one of “those” people. In the footer of this email is a link to unsubscribe.

Go click it…NOW!

Ok for those of you that are still left…

In this day and age you really gotta grow a pair if you don’t want to get lost in the crowd of the masses trying to appease each other.

So drop your version of The Magic Fuck Filter once in awhile and clean the whiney bitches out!

Oh and send them to this awesome sales video >>>

I was honored when asked by the Rich Jerk to be one of his “RJ Advisors.” And I love the controversy his very R-rated sales video creates. It lets you know INSTANTLY who you are dealing with so you can block, unsubscribe and remove them from your life.

Check out the Rich Jerk video here

After you magically get out your credit card and buy then send me your receipt and I’ll get you access to my training bonus valued at over $1000.

After that, go fuck yourself. Not really, I’m just testing you!

See how magical it is!

Love you,
Matt “Filter This Shit” Trainer

P.S. Wow I’m a bad person and probably need Jesus. That is all.

Oh and then there’s this >>>