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The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History

I’ve been talking a lot about what I STRONGLY believe is that largest wealth transfer in the history of the world.

And it’s happening now, in real time, right before our eyes.

When markets crash money is not lost, it’s transferred. The markets are a zero sum game so for every loser there is a winner. It’s transferred from the dumb and scared to the smart and strong. I’m gonna be in the winning side of that equation GUARANTEED!

I used to feel a bit guilty about building wealth from failing markets but I don’t any longer.

Here’s why…

I didn’t create the system and I didn’t setup the conditions for the massive failure by the world’s central banks. So I’m not gonna play the victim role.

Instead I’m going to protect my family and build a legacy from the collapse.

With all that, shit is about to get really nasty. The world is crumbling and its not pretty at all. I’m fully expecting riots everywhere (especially in the US), food shortages, bank runs, outlawing of gold and cash ownership, etc.

The powers that be are going to take extremely drastic measures to maintain their bullshit system as long as they can.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the news and study history. Look at what’s going on in Venezuela, Greece, Spain and the entire Eurozone. It’s gotten so bad that even Britain is considering leaving the European Union.

The good news is that we can profit MASSIVELY from all of that and set ourselves up for becoming like the many millionaires (billionaires in today’s dollars) that were created during and after the crash of 1929. Except this time it will be more extreme and we have way more tools to invest in to protect and grow that wealth extremely fast.

The crash of 2008-2009 was just the warning shot. If you saw the movie “The Big Short” you know that NOTHING was fixed and the situation is WAY worse than in 2007-2009.

I’m not making any guarantees of course but I’m expecting possible ROI numbers anywhere from 500% to 10,000%+ and some things we could see an infinite rate of return.

Now we are at a unique time in history where there is a HUGE opportunity to capitalize on the collapse of fiat currencies and the implosion of sovereign debt and become insanely wealthy from it. We truly are about to see the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen.

My friend Max Wright has put together a very powerful free training about all of this. You’ll learn how screwed we are and exactly how to at least protect yourself.

It’s almost 2 hours of solid training so you aren’t a victim and understand completely how the financial system works. Don’t let ignorance claim your piece of this giant wealth transfer.

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Talk soon,

P.S. This truly is the chance to not only survive, but THRIVE in the coming global financial collapse.

For any of you that might want more in depth training and study about this stuff, I’m starting a high end mastermind group.

We will cover a TON of stuff and I guarantee you’ve not heard about almost none of it before. We will talk about how to setup your entity structuring to take advantage of geo-arbitrage and how to safely invest in things that will explode in value.

We are gonna talk a lot about gold and how to manage that both in ownership for protection and for wealth building. Real estate invesment and timing for that will be a huge topic as well.

This mastermind is not something I’m gonna make a bunch of money from. I just want to be able to finally talk openly with people I can trust about the deep things I know and help those people prosper when the shit hits the fan.

We will meet in a live event in closed door two-day meetings each quarter and weekly GoToMeeting type webinar events to stay current. You’ll get access to my team of advisors and some really cool inside reports I pay boatloads to get.

We will start with the first live webinar event next week on Thursday, March 24th.

This is strictly first come, first served entry and strictly limited to 20 members. So the first 20 people to pay the $10k investment are who will be in and several spots are taken already.

The price is $10k but I will do a 4-month payment plan to help with cash flow.

If you are interested in the mastermind just email me at [email protected] and we will schedule a call.

If you do NOTHING else, at least get almost 2 HOURS of free training from Max on how this all came about and how to prosper from it.

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