Are you too WIDE?

Until pretty recently I thought it was a good idea to be wide.

Like REALLY wide.

Lots of girth.

Wide enough the whole world could see you, not just your nosy neighbors.

What in the world am I talking about?

I’m talking about reach.

The common thought is the the wider the audience the better.


What good does it do you to have a wide audience when you only really impact a small percentage? The MUCH better play is to focus on that small percentage and go DEEP.

I did a podcast the other day with my good friend Dr. Ed Osburn. He’s a bad ass in the world of health and reaching small audiences with great impact.

Check out the podcast I did with him here >>>

It’s getting rave reviews from his audience. Listen to the first minute and you’ll get why.

In that podcast and in this blog post I talked about filtering people.

So here’s a live example:

If this word ——> Fuck
This word ——-> Off
This word ——-> You
This word ——-> Weak-kneed
This word ——-> Pansy
This word ——-> Ass
This word ——-> Self-important
This word ——-> Overly-sensitive
Or this combo–> Motherfucker

offends you then you are NOT my audience so take a hike.

I just filtered you and you will no longer want to be a part of my “tribe”.

If on the other hand, you think grade-school humor is funny and like my candidness, then maybe you will want to be a part of the tribe.

You just got filtered.

Once you are filtered then I can TRULY speak to you.

A small tribe that you can resonate with can move mountains.

Like this one >>>

If that video doesn’t get you fired up then nothing will.

Go narrow and then go DEEP with your audience and you can change lives.

Otherwise your message just gets watered down because you are trying to reach too many of the wrong people.

Go narrow and deep.

Talk soon,
Matt “Filter Master” Trainer

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