The Magic F*ck Filter

I hate this email/blog post already.

Why? Because it’s weak and lame…ALREADY.

And it hasn’t even started.

Here’s why I hate it. This stupid symbol right here  *

The fucking asterisk I was “forced” to use in the subject line.

It’s lame because we now live in a culture that’s insanely weak-kneed. Pussified is the term I coined.

So much so we seem to be forced to cater to “them” lest we be branded:
– Unprofessional
– Uncouth
– Moral rejects
– Bad people
– Satan worshippers
– And as one guy said to me, “uninteresting

Wow, now that REALLY hurt my feelings. To be labeled uninteresting is a blow I don’t think I can ever recover from.

NOT! 🙂

Fuck that guy and fuck YOU if stupid letters in a certain order offends you.

As my buddy Ryan Stewman says, if you can’t handle simple words then you’ll never be able to handle being an entrepreneur.

And that’s so true.

I now call it The Magic Fuck Filter.

It magically filters out people that are too weak for business of any kind or at least people I REALLY don’t want to interact with.

So let me help you if you are one of “those” people. In the footer of this email is a link to unsubscribe.

Go click it…NOW!

Ok for those of you that are still left…

In this day and age you really gotta grow a pair if you don’t want to get lost in the crowd of the masses trying to appease each other.

So drop your version of The Magic Fuck Filter once in awhile and clean the whiney bitches out!

Oh and send them to this awesome sales video >>>

I was honored when asked by the Rich Jerk to be one of his “RJ Advisors.” And I love the controversy his very R-rated sales video creates. It lets you know INSTANTLY who you are dealing with so you can block, unsubscribe and remove them from your life.

Check out the Rich Jerk video here

After you magically get out your credit card and buy then send me your receipt and I’ll get you access to my training bonus valued at over $1000.

After that, go fuck yourself. Not really, I’m just testing you!

See how magical it is!

Love you,
Matt “Filter This Shit” Trainer

P.S. Wow I’m a bad person and probably need Jesus. That is all.

Oh and then there’s this >>>


5 Steps To Living A Crap Life

So you want an awesome life?

I don’t believe you.

I don’t believe anyone that says that anymore.

Why? Because if you wanted a better life bad enough you’d just go create it. People with awesome lives don’t just sit around wishing. They go get what they want.

So I created a little guide on how to live a crap life you can at least have a road map for something you will ACTUALLY DO.

So do all of the following and you are GUARANTEED a shit life you will regret the hell out of on your death bed.

Step 1:
Live the way everyone else wants you to. Don’t be yourself. That’s WAY too scary and fraught with potential stress and worry. No one really wants to see who you really are anyway because that makes them feel uncomfortable about themselves.

Live to make everyone else happy. It’s SO WORTH IT!

Step 2:
Work 100+ hours a week and ignore the rest of your life. Just stay on that shit treadmill of work existence. You’ll love it.

Step 3:
Never, I repeat NEVER EVER express your true feelings. No one wants to hear that crap anyway. Just suppress that shit for the good of everyone else.

Step 4:
Don’t stay in contact with friends. Everyone misses their friends when they are dying. But they don’t miss you so why bother?

Step 5:
Don’t choose to be happy. Ask anyone what they want from life and you get the same answer, “I want to be happy.” Happiness is a choice but a hard one so don’t make it. Just keep thinking that happiness is something that’s external. The race to find it outside yourself will keep you busy forever.

And staying busy will help you on this path to a shit life.

There you have it. Easy.

Now just do nothing and you’ll automatically make those 5 steps happen.

Wow life is SO EASY!

Talk soon,
Matt “Lovin’ Life” Trainer

P.S. If on the other hand you no longer want to be a damned loser and regret it all on your death bed, go here and watch this.

At least that will give you something to laugh at (or be offended by).

After that, sign up and I’ll hook you up with a bonus training worth over $1000.

Email me with a receipt after you buy.

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