Sometimes you just gotta listen…

Yesterday was a wild day. Almost everything technical I touched just wouldn’t work…

…like at all.

I had an amazing training tee’d up to present.

Hundreds of people were patiently waiting.

I just couldn’t get the Internet to work the way I wanted it to.

Then GoToWebinar audio crapped out. Then Keynote wouldn’t work right.

So I winged it.

I built a few slides while people were waiting and ran with it.

I looked at the clock.

I was already 15 minutes late and people were getting restless.

And then I realized I had no idea what to say.



Last year I created a product called The Automati.

It was a private group of people who wanted to learn the high end Internet marketing stuff.

What they got was a lot more than that. It was highly successful with tons of amazing testimonials.

Over 20 SEO agencies have been built from the automated SEO tool the Automati was built on.

One client created a $20k/mo business within just two weeks of signing up.

And he’s still rocking it a year later and does NONE OF THE WORK.

Many, many clients have created life-changing income from the tool.

One even told me the tool is paying for his new vacation house in Costa Rica!

I could go on and on.

But alas my good ole “buddies” at PayPal helped me out by banning our account out of the blue for no reason.

Our account was over a decade of solid history with almost zero refunds and minisucle chargebacks.

And that’s with over $10 million in sales I ran through there in that decade and THOUSANDS of customers.

PayPal just decided out of the blue that they didn’t like our business.

OK, fine. So we move on and never deal with them again.

Accept, all of our happy Automati customers were tied to the PayPal Recurring Payments system.

So that means they killed all the recurring revenue from those customers.

I was thinking for a long time about just closing it down and moving on.


And hundreds of people have had amazing results with the tool.

So I’m gonna open it back up again.

What we have is an automated SEO tool that does all off-site SEO for you!

– No link building
– No article writing
– No risky tactics that could get your site blacklisted
– It’s self-learning and self-optmizing through advanced data analysis of Google changes
– Over 16 years and many millions invested in the technology
– Start your own SEO agency and outsource the WHOLE THING!
– Rank your own sites in Google search results for your keywords

The tool is simply amazing and just plain works. Is it perfect? Hell no.

Does it rank every page for every keyword? Umm no and no tool ever will.

Does it work every time? Hardly.

But when it does, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. You can literally build an automated kingdom on it.

I know what it’s worth. It’s created millions in revenue for me and others.

And it’s very expensive technology to keep alive.

So to sell it cheap is just dumb.

But you are very important to me and I truly want to see you succeed.

So I’m gonna open up the tool for a huge 80% discount just for you and people that are on this private list.

The unlimited Master level of the tool sold all last year for $499 per month.

Until Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at midnight I’m offering the 80% discount to you.

And ONLY to people on this private list.

After that it gets released to the public for $499 per month for unlimited URLs.

So take advantage of this offer now to get on Automati 2.0 – Inner Circle Access

Go here now to get it before I open to the public  >>>


As I opened my mouth to speak I couldn’t even talk. My brain blank. Sweat forming on my forehead.

I had thought about so much what I wanted to say…

And I was frozen.

I realized I had been trying to force something.

The universe was trying to send me a message.

It just wasn’t meant to be that day. So I just spoke from the heart.

I gave a solid presentation and promised to release the recorded replay the next day.

I thanked everyone and closed the webinar.

Then immediately realized that BOTH recording systems I was using (Camtasia and GTW) had failed during the webinar.

So it wasn’t even recorded. Argghh.

And then my wife screamed from the other room.

She had lost ALL of her credit cards AND driver’s license somewhere between Whole Foods and our house.

Good times. Could this day get ANY better?

Yes it did. But it threw off all my “plans” and kind put me in a small funk.

Turns out it was exactly perfect timing and everything worked out how it was supposed to.

You know, like how it always works.  🙂

The down time gave me some time to meditate and consider my next move.

So I’m gonna pause for the weekend to make sure my Atlas Alliance workshop attendees get my full attention.

Then Monday I’m gonna take another whack at it.

So look for a link from me on Monday for the “90 Days To Residual Income” full training.

Until then make sure you get in on the big 80% discount I’m offering for Automati 2.0 – Inner Circle Access