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Meet my friend Ruth, I killed her…

Ruth was a royal bitch. I couldn’t stand her.

She hated everything I did.
She complained about everything.
She constantly told me I was worthless.
She called me a fraud and a fake.
She called me the most disgusting names ever.
She made me feel like shit constantly.

So she had to go. Yep I’m admitting publicly that I killed her.

I murdered her in cold blood. Then I burned down her fucking house.

Just in case she pulled some “Jason from Friday the 13th” crap, I cursed her soul.

Fuck that bitch!

Now she’s gone.

And now I’m Ruthless.

Ruthless about results.

I’m Ruthless about my health.
I’m Ruthless about my marriage.
I’m Ruthless about my spirit.
I’m Ruthless about my business.
I’m Ruthless about having it all.
I’m Ruthless about being the BEST version of myself I can possibly be.

Ruth was that bullshit voice in my head constantly tearing me down. That voice that droned on and on about how I’m not worthy of love or success. The voice constantly telling me I’d be better off dead.


You are worthy.
You have value.
You were born to do great things.
You aren’t like ANYONE else.
You have unique skills and abilities.
You have massive value to deliver to the world.

Yet you have Ruth on your back.


Unless you TRULY believe you were meant to be “average” and just pay bills then die…



Go get what you want. It’s all up to you.

There is no white knight coming to save you.

You are all it takes.

You have everything you need already inside you.


Talk soon,
Matt “Murderer” Trainer

P.S. The reason I love this so much is that RJ is RUTHLESS.

He comes across as a dick and an asshole but he’s trying to shake you to wake you up.

He’s trying to help you. But your Ruth won’t let it happen.

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Kill your Ruth and take some action.

You are worth it.

Go get it.